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I'm Shrinker. I grew up with violent video games and became successful at school/university and at work. There is a trend in Germany which focuses more and more on trying to make sure that youngsters are not harmed in the development of their personality through the media, and computers in special, so there are worsening efforts to censor the internet and the media, despite almost every movie and daily shows on TV having nothing but murder in it. All the original versions of those famous games you have played in your lifetime are already forbidden in Germany, with replacements available on our market, which not only lack all violence, but are often also unplayable or incompatible to the rest of the world. That trend is wrong in so many aspects, because the youngsters who are subject to these wrongful efforts get their games illegally and the adults get criminalized because of content they can very well bear to see and play through. And that trend is entirely illogical because the games that are censored or forbidden must not be obtained by youngsters anyway, because they are not approved for youngsters. The right way would clearly be to tell parents to take care of their children, but for some reason, such obvious (and cheap) solutions are not pursued anymore. Shortly before 2011 started, a law to classify websites and all online content was stopped by only a small minority of our politicians here. There were strict rules, restrictions, and big fines for all classifications and mis-classifications, and it would have applied to all online content hosted in Germany. The only catch was that the classification required by the law could not be done by anyone, because the technical means outlined in the law were not really specified and did therefore not exist yet (and the recommended specifics were complete bullshit, deviating very far from the reality). But even though that law was rejected, there are already laws in effect which make our part of the internet suck. There are official media websites that must not offer their content between 8 AM and 10 PM German local time. Yes, you've heard that right: We have closing times for the German internet. According to the verdict of the media and the politicians who work very far away from our reality, even my own actions are becoming more and more criminal each day. Some of the games and movies I have enjoyed are, by our laws, put in the same drawner as child pornography or Nazi propaganda. The difference, as perceived in the media and the law, between a standard German gamer and a pedophile or serial murder-rapist is becoming smaller each day.

Until I am convicted and beaten to death by a GeStaPo-like system, I will try to provide awesome tools for you through my website, for making content I am not allowed to see for games that I am not allowed to play.
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