Hey there!
image I'm Shrinker, I was born in Rostock, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, (East) Germany in 1987, two years before the fall of the German Democratic Republic and the soviet bloc. I attended the local grammar school in Rövershagen and finished that one year earlier than most of my classmates. Then, without the compulsory service delay after getting my Abitur in 2006, I started working for money for a little research company, and studying at the university of Rostock. Since the 14th of February 2011 I'm with the SIV.AG Roggentin. In March 2011 I majored in computer science with computer graphics as my specialization and engineering as my secondary subject.

As of 2013, I feel proficient with the following programming systems:
Haskell, C, C++ 0x, C#/.Net, Java 7, OpenGL, GLSL, HTML5, ECMA-262 (Javascript), Oracle PL/SQL, Win32 API
I feel at home in these fields:
Game engines and game modding, language analysis (parsing), static code analysis, vector and raster graphics

Because of my day job, I am proficient in:
Oracle databases, Oracle Forms and Reports; Dunning processes, asset management, energy market liberation (Germany), EDIFACT, automation, and a loooot more financial stuff.

I mainly communicate in English, my mother tongue is German. I know very little Russian and picked up a few French phrases recently.
I like visiting friends in other countries...
I've been to Espoo, Finland in 2007 and 2011,
Manchester, England in 2008,
Limay, France, in January 2013.
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